Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Show us a tree at UVIC that a rabbit has harmed

Students are on this date ripping up the ground in front of the Library at UVIC. Rabbits are not ripping up any ground, yet Uvic wants to kill the rabbits. What's going on here? Victoria News in today's editorial makes it sound like rabbits are trampling the entire city .... yet Tree Watch Victoria has asked both Uvic Communications Department and various media outlets to show ONE picture of ONE plant that has been harmed by a rabbit ... and we have received nothing.

The rabbits produce droppings, says one news story. Bulletin: that's not a problem, that is fertilizer, that is nature's GOLD. If the Uvic Grounds Department had sense they would harvest that - they would use it in the lovely gardens around the Multi-faith Chapel..

Speaking of which, is there a Buddhist in the house?? Has anyone thought about the "doctrine of non-harm"? of not harming sentient creatures? It seems there are some who see rabbits as nothing but meals-on-paws. It seems that some cannot stand the sight of an animal being happy, peaceful and harmless, minding its own quiet business while providing a moment of joy to passers-by and peacefully cropping grass. Bulletin: they HELP the grass, it becomes thicker and lusher while being grazed. (Ancient herders knew that, too bad we've forgotten it.) But then some people hate grass too, it not being edible for humans.

Please let's leave the rabbits, and the grass, alone - neither needs us officious destructive humans to destroy and revile it ...

"Catch-neuter-release": is that process of rabbit treatment really beyond all the talent and all the science of an entire university of experts? Maybe the Sociology and Psychology Departments should also get involved? Maybe they could make a formal study of the positive effect which nature and wild (or "feral") animals have on human life and emotions?? (Ever heard of "nature deficit disorder"?) We have become disordered indeed if in this world of violence (from oil spills to the Great Pacific Plastic Gyre, from suicide bombings to local police kicking citizens lying on a downtown boulevard) we think rabbits are our problem. Let's get this in proportion please ... Why not send some rabbits to sanctuaries, to Beacon Hill Park Petting Zoo ... Why not open a petting zoo at Uvic itself for the neutered excess rabbits (maybe at the Daycare Centre?) while leaving some in place, where actually they are an attractive, established and entitled part of the Uvic community? (Bulletin: it's humans that there are too many of; it is buildings, not rabbits, that are destroying the landscape ...)

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